Tikkurila’s top-quality waterborne fire-retardant paints and lacquers for exterior and interior wooden surfaces

Fire-retardant paints

Fontefire WF – Fire-retardant paint for interior surfaces

Fontefire WF is a waterborne paint with superior fire protection properties for wooden surfaces. When exposed to fire, it forms an insulating layer on top of the wood. The paint meets fire safety requirements for wood construction.

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Fire-retardant lacquers

Fontefire WF Clear – Fire-retardant lacquer for interior wooden surfaces

Fontefire WF Clear is a waterborne lacquer for protecting interior wooden surfaces that brings out the natural beauty of wood and allows it to be used for interior design in buildings that need to meet the strictest fire safety regulations, such as hospitals and schools.

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Akvilac WF 10 – Lacquer with chemical-resistance properties, for applying on top of fire-protection lacquers

Akvilac WF 10 is a waterborne, single-component lacquer, which improves the chemical resistance of interior surfaces treated with fire-retardant lacquer. Used in tandem, Akvilac WF 10 and Fontefire WF Clear lacquer provide B-s1, d0 fire protection classification.

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