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Green Building – How to pick paint products for sustainable building

Are you looking for more information about environmentally friendly building? You’ve come to the right place. Here we talk about Green Building, what the different terms mean and what should be considered in the design process of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings.
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Fire retardants for wood – how do they work?

Are you looking for information about fire retardants for wood? Here we discuss how fire-retardant paint works and what it is used for.


Trends in the metal coatings industry

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that changes in industrial metal coatings happen slow enough that you are never really in danger of...

Working with high-solids products: Expert tips for high-quality results

There are a few different definitions of high-solids products out there, but from our perspective, they are classified as products that contain...

What are high-solids products, and how do they differ from other metal coatings?

  Many companies benefit from using high-solids metal coatings for their industrial projects. But are high-solids products the right option for...

Steel structures painting: How to ensure optimal protection with industrial metal coatings

The requirements on major infrastructure projects like airports, ferry terminals, train stations, and bridge constructions are extremely high....

Coating amusement park rides: How to protect steel structures in harsh environments

When it comes to amusement park rides, safety, reliability, and durability are essential. Plus, the rides need to look appealing to visitors...

Are water-borne industrial metal coatings right for my business?

While more companies are choosing to work with water-borne metal coatings, these products aren’t as widely used and understood compared to...

Reference: Wooden terraced houses in Nyköping, Sweden

Wooden claddings stained with Tikkurila's Pinja Color Plus, a water-borne tintable semi-transparent wood stain, were used for the façades of the houses as well as for the carports.